KetsAssist – 30 Strength + 6 Mode Neck + 2 Heat Mode +3 Vibration Mode Massager


???? Enhance blood circulation, relax muscles and relief fatigue

????‍???? Suitable for users with cervical discomfort

???? Smart design to conform to neck curve (suitable for neck line 30 to 48cm)

????‍♀️ 6 Pulse modes available > cupping / hammering / scrapping / massage / acupuncture / relaxation

⚡️ 30 adjustable pulse strength levels

♨️ 2 Heat modes 3 Physical vibration modes

???? Operated by Remote Controller with LCD display

???? Rechargeable by Type C port

???? 1200mah Lithium battery with 350 charge cycles

⏲ Automatic shutdown in 60 seconds


⭐️ Pulse frequency: 1-1000Hz

⭐️ Pulse width: 20-400ms

⭐️ Heat temperature: 38degC to 48degC

⭐️ Weight 240g

⭐️ Packaging 245 x 205 x 72mm


⚠️ Product must not be used with other medical electronic instruments at the same time, such as heart pacemaker, artificial heart and lungs, and other life support instruments.

⚠️ Do not use product near short wave or microwave equipment which may caused product to be unstable

⚠️ Not suitable for pregnant women, sensitive skin, heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, malignant tumor, patients with acute cerebrovascular disease should consult doctor before use this product

⚠️ DO NOT use during bathing or sleeping

⚠️ Not suitable for users with skin Perception Disorder or Sensitive to heat.

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