KetsIntense Mini Pro Massage Gun – 11mm Amplitude + 4 Plastic & 2 Metal Massage Head


???? Mini Massage Gun Pro Series 2
????‍♂️ Deep tissue massage with long travel stroke 11mm
???? 10min Smart Timing and quiet operating mode
???? Lightweight category of 800g
???? Helps to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness via 6 interchangeable massage heads for entire body muscle areas
????‍♀️ Provides relief to cramps, sores and aches
???? Quiet brushless motor for extra durability
???? 2600mah build-in rechargeable battery for up to 8hrs use
???? 3 vibration levels of deep massaging:
– Breaking up lactic acid
– High depth massage
– Loosing fascia
???? Soft touch power and speed control on handle
✊ Frosted anti-slip grip handle

⭐️ Torque pressure up to 5.1kg/cm
⭐️ 11mm stroke length
⭐️ 45db quiet brushless motor
⭐️ Elegant Soft Touch control on handle
⭐️ Include 6 interchangeable massage heads, 4 plastic and 2 metal
⭐️ 2600mah lithium battery
⭐️ Weight 0.8kg
⭐️ Massage gun size 160 x 200 x 57mm
⭐️ Handle width 43mm
⭐️ Packaging 330 x 305 x 85mm

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