Celery: Improving Joint and Cuts Inflammation

We all know we should be eating our greens, but as far as we know – some vegetables just fare better than others. One powerful contender is celery. You can eat it raw, turn it into juice, or just snacking away, celery is packed with tremendous health benefits for your body. The vitamins found in celery can dramatically reduce inflammation, defend against cancer, and improve your joints.

Let’s take a look at what celery does for you.

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1. Celery helps you in weight loss

One of the issues of unnecessary weight gain, is overeating. Overeating does not mean that you’re eating like a glutton, but when we are not consuming enough fibre, our body continues to feel hungry. And the good thing about celery is that it is full of fibre, and only contains about 14 calories – making it the perfect candidate for maintaining a balanced diet.

2. Celery reduces stress

Celery contains magnesium, which is a natural compound that calms your nervous system. Just like the effects of drinking Camomile Tea, eating celery before bed can improve your sleep too!

3. Celery is a natural protector against cancer

The mighty celery contains Phthalides and Polyacetylenes that helps prevent many types of cancer by detoxifying cancer cells in the body. Research have identified compounds in celery that indicates its ability to fight cancer.

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4. Celery helps you digest better

With its high water content and insoluble fibre, celery is an ideal choice to help with constipation by keeping your digestive system running smoothly!

5. Celery cuts inflammation

Celery consists of luteolin, a natural anti-inflammatory compound that is beneficial to many parts of your body including the brain.

6. Celery helps maintain blood pressure

Containing Potassium, celery helps maintain and manage your blood pressure. Another attribute of celery is that the Phthalides helps relax the muscles around the arteries, which helps the vessels dilate and lowers the blood pressure.

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7. Celery helps improve your joint

The anti-inflammatory effects directly improves inflammatory conditions like gout and arthritis – including the swelling and pain that is caused by these conditions.

Ultimately, your health is largely dependant on your dietary habits – so ensure to have a balanced diet. For us, juicing celery is one of our favourite way of consuming it! This way we can then absorb as much nutrients from the celery as we can.

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