Thyroid Cancer Self-Test That Save Your Life!

Thyroid cancer is an uncommon form of cancer as compared to others. Though it is highly treatable with surgery, this cancer can be easily missed as well.

Thyroid is a ductless gland that’s located in the neck, responsible for releasing hormones that controls metabolism. It is a regulator of your bodily functions like breathing, nervous systems, heart rate, cholesterol levels, body temperature, menstrual cycles, and many more.

Thyroid absorbs iodine from the blood to create hormones. Too much of these hormones cause anxiety, irritability, nervousness, sweating, shaking, hair loss, and missed or light menstrual periods. Too little causes, insomnia, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dry hair and skin, depression, sensitivity to cold, heavy periods, and joint or muscle pain.

As thyroid cancer is growing in numbers around the world, some health experts attributes this to chemicals that we eat from processed food. Because of these chemicals, cancer can be formed due to the toxicity when thyroid absorbs them.

Be safe than sorry! Take a look at this video to learn how to self-test the presence of thyroid cancer at home! Enjoy ☺️!

Video link:

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